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Get Financial Freedom by investing in CREDI.

CREDI is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system that was created cryptographically which runs on an open source software and it is not being controlled by any entity. The CREDI cryptocurrency payment system is not governed by any government or bank.

CREDI has made blanking system so easier that when you have an account with a certain amount of CREDI you can send it to other users or relatives.


CREDI is on a Mission

CREDI can be used anonymously to buy any kind of merchandise. international payments are easily done. with the help of CREDI, this is because CREDI is not tied to a particular location but globally and is not tied to any kind of rules and regulations, unlike the bank will always mandate you to follow some stated rules and regulations before using their service.

The CREDI transaction will not require you to provide the real name of the person you are transacting with. All CREDI transactions are recorded in a public log. The log contains only wallet IDs and amounts transacted without displaying people’s name which means every transaction is done privately. People can buy, sell and trade without being tracked


CREDI is a FAST, SECURE Blockchain, WITH PRIVATE TRANSACTIONS using the protocol of Blockchain technology.

The blockchain protocol used in CREDI technology makes certain transactions completely anonymous.


CREDI is a proof of WORK (POW) cryptocurrency, with a X11 algorithmic structure.

INSTANT TRANSACTIONS: The CREDI protocol confirms transactions in a few seconds and makes them immediately available, without waiting for multiple confirmations.


Financial Services We Provide
Smart & Highly secured.

Hold Your CREDI in simple, secure and fast way with best price.


We make using CREDI simple and fun while securely storing your CREDI and instantly transact with anyone in the world.

Safe & Secure

With Credi blockchain transaction is signed and secured . Anyone can encrypt our wallet to make it more secure for storage.

Quick Settlement

We give powerful solutions to make international transactions easy and user friendly . Just buy Credi , send one to your friend, and ask them to withdraw it in the bank.


Coin Sale

We are launching in global market with Initial coin offer structure with several bonus and ICO Phases. For more information check blow phases:

Coin Name: Credi Coin
Coin Platform: X11
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 70,000,000
Available for Purchase: 50,000,000
Pre Sale Gold (20,000,000 CREDI Coins) 10000 USD :
upto 5,000 CREDI Coins Bonus with +35%
Pre Sale Premium (20,000,000 CREDI Coins) 10000 USD :
upto 10,000 CREDI Coins Bonus with +25%
Pre Sale Platinum (10,000,000 CREDI Coins) 10000 USD :
upto 15,000 CREDI Coins Bonus with +10%

Coin Sale Proceeds

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Company Roadmap

Here you can get our financial target and stage of all our blockchain tools are going to be launched on certain duration

June 3rd 2019

CREDI Coin Algorithm Will Be Set For Research & Development. Now people can subscribe to our newsletter to manifest their interest.

August 10th 2020

CREDI Coin Incorporation company registered in UK . Pre-ICO launch. We start collecting funds in Bitcoins. Offers available.

August 10 – 30th 2020

Pre-ICO launch. We start collecting funds in Bitcoins and Fiat currencies. 40% Offers available on 1M TO 10M CREDI Purchasing.

September 1 – 30th 2020

Premium Pre-ICO launch. 30% Offers available on 11M TO 20M CREDI Purchasing.

October 1 – 20th 2020

Premium Pre-ICO launch. 20% Offers available on 21M TO 30M CREDI Purchasing.

November 21 – 31st 2020

Platinum Pre-ICO launch. 10% Offers available on 31M TO 40M CREDI Purchasing. Company Is going to Give surprised Gifts in this end of ICO.

January 31st 2021

blockchain Wallets & Tools will be launched as well detailed development of blockchain Part. Emission of new HASHs which will be guaranteed by Miners in growing with crypto currency Mining and Trading Platform.

1st February 2021

Exchange Trading Pltform Will be Launched. Coin Holder can SELL and BUY from portal. Exchange rate will be set at the market value.

20th February 2021

First Global Meeting in The O2 Arena , London . Global Leaders all over the world will be invited in this meeting.

10th March 2021

Withdraw Option Direct to Bank Account without Any Fees will be available in CREDI Wallet.


Our Blockchain Tools


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