Hello, dear guest, CREDI Corporation is glad to welcome you on our site.

We want to tell you a little about our history and in brief about our advantages and innovative ideas in the field of crypto currencies.

We are a young company that is full of ideas and forces in order to give you a new look at the world of crypto currencies. Despite the fact that we are a young company, we have traveled a long way before presenting our currency to the world, we have not only developed a new currency as a majority, we have been preparing for many years a material base for our currency.

Our material base is real estate in big cities, which only grows in price, these are innovative ideas in the sphere of energy supply, this cooperation for many years with the largest banks of one of the most stable countries in the world. That is, we offer you not just a currency that will grow steadily in its price.

If you carefully studied our page, then you could already now notice that we have created for you such a long-awaited:
  • Set for the acquisition, trade and currency exchange.
  • We offer our customers not only online to operate their own funds, but also issue for you their own debit cards, through which you can withdraw cash anywhere in the world in cooperation with J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, one of the most reliable and large US banks. Our cards are absolutely free, but they require a minimum balance for the right to issue you it, it is 500 dollars.
  • We developed for you a unique chat room in which you can instantly send your funds to your friends and acquaintances. To do this, you only need to create your own account. You can be sure that this is not the end and we are full of new ideas that you will be facilitated to carry out your operations.

The main reasons why you should invest in CREDI

  • We are the only ones who provide the whole range of services in one: merchant, Wallet, Trading.
  • We are also full of innovative ideas that will soon become a reality. The main idea now: the idea of connecting housing complexes and individual buildings without substations and cables, the house is equipped with special panels, on the roofs, in which a person receives a free connection and eventually pays 50% of the cost of current technologies.
  • We are the only crypto that is not inclined to decline, because our financial capacity and revenues are fully invested in:
  • Real estate in large cities
  • Manufacturing
  • Technologies for providing electricity to each house individually

Why? For what reasons does this happen and how did the CREDI become better than other Crypto?

  • Because other crypto is backed by some rules that other people come up with but not you. CREDI gives freedom and the price is dependent only on people like you.
  • Technology is behind CREDI Coin, so we see such growth, in future CREDI will be widely used, therefore, such interest from investors.
  • It is clear that while CREDI Coin is no longer considered as money, but as an investment, as some securities in which it is not so easy to invest, but profitable. And the fact that CREDI Coin is becoming more expensive, consider this a "small" bonus.
  • Our crypto is independent money for which there is no need to count and whose account is not maintained by any state. Is this not a major plus?
  • CREDI Coin is the ability to earn past the system. This is a chance for ordinary people with brains at least a little to earn.
  • You can transmit CREDI Coin on the network, without using intermediate servers or other auxiliary tools. That is why such transactions are as safe as possible. You can also transfer your currency in our chat manually using our operators.
  • Moreover, CREDI Coin has its own personal exchange and enables its customers to buy and sell currency inside the system, exchange it, and also provides its Debit Cards, you can use them anywhere in the world and absolutely anonymously.
  • This is the first crypto currency that issues cards for its customers. The main advantage of CREDI is that our currency gives you the opportunity to withdraw your funds anywhere, but at the same time you are given limits that none of the banks in the world give.